project details

Project topic:   Youth Led Sustainable Tourism in Rural Areas
Project programme: Erasmus+
Project ID: KA220-YOU-AF470D0F
Project start: 01/09/2023
Project finish: 28/02/2025

Project Consortium

DEVELOPIA Foundation - Zaragoza, Spain

International Institute for the Implementation of Sustainable Development (MIITR) - Maribor, Slovenia

Association for ecological and social sustainability (LEVILO) - Graz, Austria

OTB Europe - Faro, Portugal

CDE Petra Patrimonia - France

Maribor Tourist Board - Maribor, Slovenia

Project Description

YOU SMILE main objective is to empower youth (18-29 years) in their quest for sustainable and financially stable micro and small entrepreneurship in the field of tourism services in rural areas. Specifically, to increase interested youth and youth entrepreneurs’ capacities in sustainable practices, finance and entrepreneurship. Informal education and awareness-raising in the mentioned fields are crucial for the success of structural changes in sustainable tourism services.

Project Impact

New knowledge and competencies for young people in the fields of sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. New knowledge and competencies in living labs, and co-creation learning method. Increased interest of participants in tourism services, green jobs, sustainability. Increased acceptance of common European values, multiculturalism.

Project Outputs

E-course with 30 tailored learning units: This flexible e-course offers 30 learning units encompassing sustainable tourism, entrepreneurship, and business finance. Accessible on an open learning repository, it includes a blend of video lectures, podcasts, TikTok lessons, self-learning materials, a manual and evaluations. Crafted through a co-creative living lab process and validated by consensus panels, every unit is not only translated into national languages for enhanced accessibility but it is also designed to provide both quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits, including enriched awareness and intercultural competence

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