Energy Literacy

project details

Project topic:   Energy Literacy, Adult Education
Project programme: Erasmus+
Project sector: Adult Education 

Project Consortium

Stowarzyszenie Gmin Polska Siec Energie Cites, Poland

Innovation Hive, Greece

Mednarodni institut za implementacijo trajnostnega razvoja, Slovenia

North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Croatia


Project Description

In EL-Practice we will give a special attention in developing interactive and accessible energy literacy knowledge and competencies e-course via mobile-friendly platform, especially focusing on young adults to foster positive energy-related behavioural changes in order to co-create a sustainable Europe we all want.

Project Impact

Aim of the EL-Practice project is to empower young people with competencies, skills, knowledge and selfconfidence to take responsibility of their life choices and actively engage in the aim to become more sustainable society within the EU communities. The project responds to the need of young adults via: - clear definition of gaps in the field of competencies on energy literacy in five European countries; - connecting young people into multicultural and international arena for networking and fostering sustainable identity; - development of interactive and innovative learning material to improve their energy literacy skills and decisions. Expected results will be carry out within the three main forms of project activities, on which the project is based on: - project results; - multiplier events; - trainings/educational activities.

Project Outputs

PR1: Competencies analysis in the field of energy literacy. PR2: e-learning mobile-friendly platform PR3: e-course

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