Association for ecological and social sustainability

We promote environmental and social sustainability in various forms


Who we are

The LEVILO is a private non-profit organisation located in Graz, Austria. LEVILO was founded in 2021 and started its work with the two co-founders. We are a pretty young organisation. However, its staff has more than 20 years of experience in innovation, technological innovation, circular economy, finance, education and training, online courses and curricula for higher education and primary schools, and VET training.
We have extensive experience in the planning, developing, and implementing of European research programmes and projects. We are recognised for our knowledge and expertise and work with companies, researchers, and decision-makers.

Our objective

The main objective of LEVILO is to find solutions to the new challenges to achieve growth in the areas in which we operate. It is essential to mention that new innovative business models and social entrepreneurship are a prerequisite at the local level in Graz (where LEVILO is situated), and these topics are part of the City Youth Council's development programme.

Our believes

The LEVILO Institute believes that sustainable development and the circular economy are achievable if all sectors' unique capabilities and resources, including business, society, and government, are directed towards this goal. We believe that systemic progress towards a just and sustainable world can be achieved by integrating sustainability into strategy and operations and fostering collaboration between organisations, businesses, and stakeholders.

Our mission

Our primary mission is to bring environmental and social innovation to society at local, regional and national levels. We provide research, education and awareness-raising, and consultancy in sustainable development and circular economy to support society on the path to sustainability.

Our aim

LEVILO aims to promote environmental and social sustainability in various forms. It aims to raise awareness in sustainability (in all its different streams such as Circular Economic, Bioeconomy or Blue Economic) and promote environmentally friendly and social innovations.

What We Do?

LEVILO also has extensive experience in education, using innovative learning and didactic approaches and cooperating with several stakeholders. We collaborate with universities, SMEs, the general public, policymakers and youth organisations in Austria and the EU. Target groups for our activities are schools and universities and associations, and companies interested in environmental and social sustainability content.

Project management

We have the skills and knowledge to implement project activities.

Project implementation

We add value to project implementation and project outcomes.

Promotion of circular economy

We inspire and empower organisations, educational institutions, NGOs and businesses to move towards the circular economy.


We collaborate between stakeholders to ensure a sustainable future and turn ideas into real results that add value.

We create solutions

Completed Projects
Years Experience
Team Members

Our staff

Michael Eder

Acquired work experience and did his master’s degree in environmental system sciences at the University of Graz. Eight years of work experience and project management experience at the Graz University of Technology in the fields of energy spatial planning and Smart Cities, development of target group-specific calculators for the ecological footprint, development of optimized technology networks for renewable energy technologies. Currently also involved in two European youth education projects in the fields of entrepreneurship skills in Circular Economy along the food supply chain (project partner) and Green Deal skills (coordinator).

Martin Moser

Martin did his bachelor’s degree in Sociology and his master’s degree in Global Studies at the University of Graz. In his studies, he focused on societies and cultures, as well as ecological and social sustainability. Professional experience was gathered while working on projects by different NGOs that dealt with integration, social sustainability, and international development, as well as a project at the University of Graz on the topic “environmental impacts of computers”.

Darko Kovačič

Darko Kovačič is an expert and a project manager with more than 20 years of experience. He has an MSc degree in Economics and Business. Currently, he is a director at MIITR and a project manager. His expertise is in life cycle costing, including production processes, financial literacy, supporting training and education with online tools, etc. He started his career in the banking sector (Raiffeisen Bank, Nova Kreditna Bank Maribor, Sberbank), where he was evaluating Slovenian companies from financial and risk perspectives. Furthermore, he worked at corporate SME, restructuring and investment banking. Darko is currently leading more than 10 EU Erasmus + proposals and one DG Grow supported the project.

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Our services

Circular economy


Technological innovation

Education and training

Development of online courses

Development of curricula

Communication and dissemination activities of projects

Vocational education and training

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See what we can do for you. Contact the LEVILO team with any questions. We appreciate your feedback. 


Ruckerlberggasse 13
Graz, Austria
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